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Fireside's Labrador Retrievers look like a Labrador should look, are easy to live with, and can do an honest day's work in the field.  

Fireside Labradors are English style Labs, known for their great temperaments, broad head and solid  build.  These are great family dogs that would rather hang out with you than anything else.  If you want to hunt, they love to hunt, and have the drive to get the job done.  If you'd rather  hang out and watch TV, just share the popcorn and they'd sure appreciate a little room on the couch.  If you want to throw a tennis ball, they'll bring it back all day until you call it quits.  

The great thing about the English Labradors is their easy going and agreeable nature, and their versatility.  My dogs have excelled in the show ring, obedience trials and hunting.  They are service dogs making life a little easier for their partner with a disability.  They are loving gentle pets.  They get along great with kids, cats, other dogs.  They also get along great with burglars, so don't get a Labrador if you want a guard dog.  

Located in Wisconsin: 

bullet2 hours from Minneapolis - St Paul
bullet1 hour from Eau Claire
bullet1 hour from La Crosse
bullet1 hour from Rochester MN
bullet3 hours from Madison WI
bullet4 hours from Milwaukee
bullet5 hours from Chicago



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